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Koi fish ponds in Chennai have installed several customized and amazing koi fish ponds as per customers requirements. We have installed several customized fish ponds in Chennai.Living Art Aquarium is Expert in constructing fish pond in chennai


Fish pond represents a unique characteristic of a fish aquarium. Fish ponds are commonly featured at home with an aesthetic culture carved to it. Living Art Aquarium, being experienced in such field has designed variety of ponds such as Cascade Ponds, Koi Ponds, Lilly Ponds, and Acrylic Closed Ponds along with filters, each designed and created according to customer's requirements. These filters primarily acts as a source for removing biological and bacterial wastes which cause slime and scums from the pond ensuring that your pond remains clean and clear. We are one of the best fish pond specialists in this industry.

Our other variety of filters like mechanical, biological, chemical and ultra -violet are provided by Aquarium India as per the needs of the clients. These filters help in protecting infections and remove any kind of wastes from polluting the ponds. Living Art Aquarium, which is enriched with high expertise in the field of aquariums, has been a trendsetter in designing and executing such fish ponds.

Our installation and maintenance services include:

 - Designing Fish Pond in a Creative Way.

 - Available in Custom Molded shapes, designs and patterns as well as custom viewing options.

 - Ensuring Pumps, Filters & Lighting are Working Efficiently.

 - Cleaning all Interior & Exterior Surfaces and Accessories.

 - Checking water quality (Salinity, TDS, Ammonia, Nitrate, Nitrite, etc